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Two Monthly Private Secret Sauce Syndicate Connection Meetings

We meet twice each month in an environment designed to facilitate connections, ensure accountability and follow-up. You'll need to "show up" to get maximum value from these powerful connection opportunities.

Four Quarterly Private Secret Sauce Syndicate Connection Conferences

Four times each year, our two-day retreats provide the opportunity to take your relationships to the next level. You'll present your own secret sauce, demonstrate your commitment to giving and have the opportunity to ask for what you need.

Personal Secret Sauce Syndicate Introductions

Andrew Kolikoff and every one of our Secret Sauce Society Ambassadors will aggressively work to introduce you and your business to the right people you desire to meet every month.

Private Secret Sauce Syndicate Members-Only Portal 

Connect 24/7/365 with fellow members and easily facilitate what you can give and ask for what you need in an environment where members care about each other's success.

Private Secret Sauce Syndicate Members-Only Secret Sauce Content

Access exclusive Members-Only Secret Sauce Content every month. Share your secret sauce and revel in the great works of other members as well as sponsored content from Secret Sauce Syndicate partners.

Your investment in Secret Sauce Syndicate is $1,000 per month