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Your investment in Secret Sauce Syndicate is $1,000 per month

Membership Benefits

Building Relationship Currency

Twice each month, we meet on Tuesday mornings to work on developing your relationship currency building skills and making those connections that lead to your sustainable business growth. How do we do that? Patience, Grasshopper … that is the Secret Sauce.

Executive Growth Master Mind

Where Can You Find Answers to Your Personal Growth and Business Challenges? At the Secret Sauce Syndicate Executive Growth Master Mind, you can share your challenges with executives and business owners facing similar challenges, as well as Secret Sauce Syndicate Co-Founders Andrew Kolikoff and Bill Merrow.

Monthly Lunch & Learn

Sit back, relax and fill your brain and belly! Each month, you’ll be invited to an information-packed lunch and learn, where our Members or Sponsors showcase their business and provide opportunities to learn about your business.

Quarterly Business Showcase

One each quarter, you will have your 15 minutes of fame and present your business to all other Secret Sauce Syndicate members, their invited guests and our invited guests and sponsors.

Me & Our Guarantee!

As a Secret Sauce Syndicate Member, you get all of the benefits above, plus the hard work of our team and your fellow members to connect you to the people you need to meet to grow your business. But best of all, you get ME – Secret Sauce Syndicate Co-Founder Andrew Kolikoff. We guarantee you will receive a minimum of one power connection every single month you are a Secret Sauce Syndicate Member – or your next month’s membership is 100% FREE.